Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

OOC uses an extremity scanner that images upper and lower joints. These scans are performed under 45 minutes in most cases and the images are sent to Columbus Radiology specialists in Columbus, Ohio for expert interpretation. The Radiologists are in direct communication with OOC physicians to go over any abnormalities. The time from scan to final report is less than 24 hours. Wait times for appointments to have an MRI are greatly reduced and in urgent cases can be done the same day as the office appointment.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is another modern diagnostic imaging technique that produces cross-sectional images of your body. Unlike CT scans, MRI works without radiation. The MRI tool uses magnetic fields and a sophisticated computer to take high-resolution pictures of your bones and soft tissues. Tell your doctor if you have implants, metal clips, or other metal objects in your body before you undergo an MRI scan.

You lie as motionless as possible on a table that slides into the tube-shaped MRI scanner. The MRI creates a magnetic field around you and then pulses radio waves to the area of your body to be pictured. The radio waves cause your tissues to resonate.

A computer records the rate at which your body’s various parts (tendons, ligaments, nerves, etc.) give off these vibrations, and translates the data into a detailed, two-dimensional picture. You will not feel any pain while undergoing an MRI, but the machine may be noisy.

An MRI may help your doctor to diagnose your torn knee ligaments and cartilage, torn rotator cuffs, and other problems.

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